About Promiris

Promiris specialises in sustainable property development. Our long-term objective is to promote value creation for our various stakeholders. We do so by acquiring real estate:

  • On triple A locations
  • which we transform or redevelop with a strong architectural identity.
  • the end product of which responds to the needs of the future users, in terms of user comfort, energy consumption and sustainability.

Our development model relies on a solid basis, a flexible financing method, an optimal ratio of loan capital to equity, and a responsible capital utilisation per project.

Our investment areas include all kinds of residential concepts such as co-housing, co-living, student accommodation, residential homes, nursing homes, hotels, offices and mixed use projects in urban contexts, close to the main acces roads and public transportation nodes.

Promiris is currently active on the Belgian, Luxembourg and Portuguese market.


Promiris can count on a group active in private equity and real estate.

Promiris invests in real estate through an investment division in the hospitality industry in Europe (more than 500 rooms) and Canada (more than 2000 rooms).
The Promiris shareholders furthermore manage a real estate portfolio of about 55,000 sqm of offices, retail and logistics worth approximately 100 million euros.

With Promiris SA, a real estate development business is added to the portfolio. This new pillar focuses on medium-sized transactions with an investment value of 10 to 25 million euros. The transactions are characterised by a significant rotational speed, which leads to constant value creation. The underlying objective is to invest 300 to 400 million euros over the next ten years.

Permanent and informal exchange between the partners and shareholders of Promiris guarantees perfect reactivity.

To achieve its profitability objective through large-scale transactions, Promiris is open to associations with professionals who are equally passionate about sustainable property development and share the same values.

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Cyril Wolkonsky

Cyril Wolkonsky

Born in 1956, Cyril Wolkonsky worked for BNP Paribas in France for thirty years, gaining vast experience in the banking industry; He first served in the Corporate department, then as head of the Syndication department and finally at the General Inspection department. He left the financing and investment bank in 2011 to become the president of Iris International SA, an investment company which invests the family patrimony in private equity and direct participations. One component is dedicated to standing real estate and hospitality assets, while another component focuses on real estate development via Promiris SA since early 2017.

About the Management

Promiris, which was founded in 2017, is today managed by 2 partners who provide operational management of all development activities .

Each of them has a solid experience in the real estate sector and knows well the culture, habits and cycles of the professional real estate market. They identify investment opportunities and translate them into concrete projects, which are then implemented with the aim of creating added value.

The Partners can count on both internal collaborators and an efficient third party team composed of architects, engineers, contractors and local salesmen, whose mission is to structure, design, realize and commercialize the different projects. Promiris is developing projects in Portugal, Belgium and since 2020 also in Spain.


Cedric De Laet

Cedric De Laet

Christian Terlinden

Christian Terlinden

Cedric De Laet

Cedric De Laet

Christian Terlinden

Christian Terlinden

Company values

The corporate culture of Promiris stands for creativity, innovation, sustainability, risk management and value creation. This is accomplished based on entrepreneurship, transparency and reactivity.
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We work with the best design and engineering teams to create living and working spaces which are appealing, multipurpose, modern and user-friendly. Harmonious integration into the environment is an absolute must. We are convinced that architectural quality contributes to the commercial appeal of a project.

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Our lifestyle and the way we work, consume and shop are changing quickly and dramatically. The Promiris projects want to anticipate the trends of a changing world.

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Our projects contribute to a better environment thanks to their intrinsic high quality and the use of techniques which reduce the ecological footprint considerably without compromising on user-friendliness. All our non-residential projects meet the BREEAM standards by default. As we have a long-term perspective, we want to maintain a sustainable and ethical dialogue with our partners, service providers, suppliers, tenants and investors.

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Risk Management

Our purchasing policy is aimed at discipline in combination with a hands-on approach. Within this scope, we closely monitor the projects, their progress and their environment together with our teams, suppliers, contractors and customers. This approach guarantees careful management of industry-related risks.

Investing in several segments of the property market in combination with a geographical distribution guarantee good risk distribution in strategical and commercial terms.

Promiris is committed to value creation:
• for the community by restoring the urban fabric
• for the tenants and investors through the quality of our products
• for the shareholders

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